Boston Globe Cuts Nearly Half Its Comics – updated


update – January 7, 2019

As noted by Les Taylor (comment #63) the Boston Globe has heard the chorus of complaints and relented, somewhat.The uproar even made the local TV news.

They put a notice in the January 7, 2019 edition of The Globe:

Regarding the cut comics and puzzles they are “planning to restore some of them.” And this time they are doing some reader research, asking readers to email them (at with their five favorite comics from the cut list and their favorite puzzle that was cut.

After cutting nearly half the comic strips in December they are now preparing to restore nearly half of those cut “by the end of January.”

The Boston Globe online notice can be read here.



Original December 24, 2018 item:


On Christmas Eve Boston Globe readers found their comics pages nearly halved.

Readers of our comics will notice some changes starting Monday, Dec. 24. After considerable reader research, we have discontinued several strips and two games. The Sunday comics will remain unchanged.



Elsewhere The Boston Globe understands.

We appreciate that this is unwelcome news to some of our readers and for that, we apologize. Please know that we have made these decisions after considerable thought and research.


“Unwelcome” is an understatement. Readers are responding:

By several, I think you mean half. More of a money saving move?

very disappointed in missing favorite comics and, especially, the daily jumble. faithful subscriber for many years- please restore these features.

So you are telling print subscribers that we no longer are valued enough to get all of the comics and puzzles? Can we now also take the rest of our paper a la carte?

Not only missing many of my favorites, but the ones that are left have been shrunk to near illegibility.

If the Herald is smart (debatable), they’ll pick up some of your cast-offs. They’ve already got a better arts section half the time, and I can’t believe I’m saying that.

And more than a few question the “reader research”:

“After considerable reader research…”? I must’ve missed the memo.

Me, too.

Me, three.

I’ve been a loyal subscriber for over 40 years and would like to know how this “considerable reader research” was done. I must have missed the memo too.


The comic strips Boston Globe, after “reader research” and “considerable thought,” cut:

The list of discontinued features are:
Pooch Café
Adam At Home <sic>
Get Fuzzy (in reruns)
Rose is a Rose <sic>
Mother Goose
Bizzaro <sic>
Mr. Boffo


A look at thumbnails of the November 24, 2018 Boston Globe comics pages, via, shows the destruction.

Red and Rover
Get Fuzzy
Mister Boffo
Adam @ Home
Pooch Café
Arctic Circle
Rhymes With Orange
Arlo and Janis
Rose is Rose
For Better or For Worse
Pajama Diaries
Zippy the Pinhead
Mother Goose and Grimm
Non Sequitur


hat tip to Bob Rawson

The Jumble puzzle apparently appeared elsewhere in the paper.

A few of the cut comics are from area cartoonists.

As I recall The Boston Globe dropped Zippy a couple years ago and reader response brought it back.

Can anyone confirm that The Boston Globe still runs the the revived fortnightly Sutton Impact that restarted there in April 2017?





77 thoughts on “Boston Globe Cuts Nearly Half Its Comics – updated

  1. As usual– tone deaf editors. They really think people read the newspaper to read news that’s 12-24 hours old by the time you read it in their product. Stop subscribing to news services that give national news (that we all get elsewhere) and load up on loca coverage, comics and puzzles.

  2. 1. You know how bad it’s gotten for Darby Conley and his constant rerun streak without proper notice when even his hometown newspaper has had enough of his crap (he should be so fortunate that Sunday “Get Fuzzy” stays whereas the Tampa Bay Times recently cut both Daily and Sunday versions).

    2. So the Boston Globe cuts “Get Fuzzy” and “Zippy” but keeps “Doonesbury” and “For Better Or For Worse”? Does not compute. Should’ve kept “Zippy” and dropped “Doonesbury” instead.

  3. Clearly, the newspaper, despite the family wealth of the current ownership, is on the way out. What has just happened to the comics section has also been happening to the coverage of college sports for some time. In contrast to the totally minimalist, and sometimes completely nonexistent, coverage of college sports teams, the Globe sports pages
    completely over-do their coverage of the area’s professional sports teams. How many times a week do we need to be presented with overwrought descriptions of Tom Brady’s visibly eroding quarterbacking skills, or of the super-skilled Celtics not being able to convert their abundant talent into winning every game they play.? Just these two situations alone suggest that a headline in the very near future may well read: “THE END IS NEAR!”

  4. Also, at least on the digital editon (Since I am in Florida for half a
    year), they have not included their Sunday comic section. Don’t know if it’s in the print edition.

  5. The glory days of the Globe are fading from memory. The loss of the comics diminishes my interest in reading the Globe. I will give serious thought to cancelling my subscription. The news is bad enough without losing the comics to mitigate the bad news. I have taken to scanning the paper for articles of interest and find fewer and fewer. Loss of revenue to online news is the death knell of print news. Dropping the comics just hastens the demise.

  6. Hard for me to comment on the changes since we have not received the newspaper in two days..I would interested in what if anything your replacing comics/games with ?..Wait and see..

  7. Go
    It’s cheaper than the Globe and I’ll save a lot of money when I cancel the Globe.

  8. I’ve been a Globe reader for 40 years. I buy it every day to read with my coffee. I always read all of the comics and the advice columns first because I prefer to start each day on a lighter note.

    Comics are an unappreciated art form and a method of social commentary. Humor is essential to a balanced life. Puzzles and games have value in engagement.

    We can get news anywhere and everywhere. How is it the Globe doesn’t know this?

  9. Please reconsider! We get the Globe to start the day with the comics and puzzles-all of them. The news is depressing. The news analysis and the editorial page are noteworthy but we need balance. We need humor and puzzles to move the morning conversation to connection and hope.

  10. Very disappointed in the Globe’s decision. The Comics, Jumble and crossword are very important to your readers. Please reconsider!

  11. I don’t understand this. Nobody reads the newspaper for news anymore. I read it for comics, puzzles and coupons. I’ve usually seen the newspapers “news” a day prior. Well, I guess I can save the money I use to subscribe.

  12. Are you kidding me? With all the bad news that is brought to us daily you are cancelling the one thing that provides us with a modicum of relief. We look forward to the daily Globe. Not always the bleak news that pervades it pages but certainly the comic strips and puzzles that offer us some comic relief. If your looking to cut superfluous material eliminate half the “stuff” that comes out of Washington and you will have more than sufficient room for the comic/puzzle pages.

    To that end we are ending our subscription and bid you a Happy New Year.

  13. Research? What research? Puzzles, comics, advice columns and sports. That’s what I’ve read in the Globe every day for the last 30 years. Very disappointed in your decision. Maybe it’s time for me to make a decision of my own – the Globe is too expensive anyway. I certainly don’t read it for the op-eds! And I don’t read a newspaper for day old news. Please reconsider.

  14. are you crazy? or just stupid? sometimes I only read the comics,I get my NEWS from TV.PUT EM BACK!!!

  15. John W. Henry/Net worth (2018)
    2.5 billion USD

    Billionaire Red Sox Owner John Henry Is Building A $26 Million Monstrosity
    Aug. 15, 2011, 11:47 (Business Insider Magazine)

    Report: Red Sox owner John Henry could buy stake in NASCAR
    (Boston Business Journal December 19, 2018)

    Was the comic’s elimination a cost saving measure???????????

    Keeping “Doonesbury” ( the 60’s retread) and getting rid of “Get Fuzzy” one of your best ????????

  16. I am also disappointed in the decision to cut back on the comics. I have been reading the Globe for almost 50 years, I may skip some of the articles, news and opinions, but I always read the comics. Not a good move.

  17. My wife an I have been Globe subscribers for 20 years. We both are disappointed with the decision to eliminate theJumble and1/2 of the comics. The comics, crossword an Jumble are an important part of the paper for us. Hopefully, John Henry will reconsider the decision and re instate the age old features which a great many people have enjoyed..

  18. As usual, it is the blatant lying that is the most disturbing. Just tell us you are trying to save a buck and don’t care about your readers. My mornings will now be less funny.

  19. Globe reader for thirty-five years. For much of that time, “Zippy” has been the one saving grace in a declining, dying newspaper. The comics bloodbath of a couple years back was bad enough, buit this one is even more poorly thought out. “Zits” stays and you lose “Pooch Cafe”? Seriously?

    Maybe they dropped “Zippy” because he was too much of a trigger for the actual pinheads running the paper.

  20. Not only a shame in the reduction of cartoons, the layout is horrible to have crossword answers next to the actual puzzle and how hard is it to leave the jumble in? I thought we are all supposed to be increasing our time with “brain games”

  21. By the way our big entertainment each am is looking for the dead people. They may be dead but they certainly jump around. Sports, auto, metro etc where is the continuity? Also one sheet single pages that fall out are irritating. In fact your paper is irritating

  22. In the last year (of 32 years subscribing) I’ve noticed sloppy copy editing, more national news feeds versus good local news coverage and analysis, a totally worthless Saturday newspaper and finally this latest butchering of the comics and games section. Pluggers instead of Bliss? Please, no need to dumb down; most of us get innuendos. We can also read between the lines: is the Globe failing or do the “teams” (Red Sox, Fenway racing, and Liverpool) just require too much money , taking it away from the Globe?

  23. After 11:30 PM I have pretty much heard most of the news that will be published in the globe for the next morning. I subscribe to the globe for more than just the news of the previous day. The comics have always given me the lighter side of politics, times gone by and the comical views of life by others. They provide a much needed smile to counteract the sadness of much the news we read today.
    I don’t recall any attempt by anyone to question me or having read anything about the future elimination of half the comics in my morning paper.
    Bring them back.
    Your paper is expensive enough now, you shouldn’t be giving print subscribers another reason to give up there subscription.

  24. The comics were the ONLY reason I bought the Globe. You can get most of the “news” on the on the Networks and the Times

  25. I have been a loyal reader for over 50 years. I find it disrespectful
    to your readers that you would cut 1/2 of the comics without polling readers. Mr. Boffo is my favorite. Comics provide much needed relief from the otherwise negative news on a daily basis. Please reconsider your decision, and revert back to being a real newspaper.

  26. Could you not have let readers in on your intentions instead of amputating half the funnies without even the courtesy of a warning? What was the basis on which you chose the strips that survived and those dumped? I am curious and concerned about your process. Mr. Prince is quite right – you have shown a real disrespect towards your readers as well as the great American tradition of the newspaper comic.
    I’m not going to dispute your choices comic by comic – everyone has their favorites and probably three or four they won’t miss. It’s just that it is profoundly dismaying to see half the comics ripped away without a “by-your-leave” from a journalistic institution that purports to carry about public opinion. If our nation can’t give us decent leaders, then at least our newspapers can leave us the consolation of the comics.

  27. Nice to see the range of comment on this “business” decision by the Globe. I had written to their Customer Support section expressing my dismay at the process, as well as some of the individual choices. What I was glad to discover here at DailyCartoonist was that there were a lot of people who felt much like I did.
    I suppose that’s what the world is coming to: the search for a forum where one’s opinion can be heard. Unfortunately, that had been one of the benefits of the daily newspaper. As a number of commentators observed, that institution of social cohesion appears to be failing.

  28. Zippy the Pinhead is one of the most trenchant satires in American Culture; its presence in a daily paper is bracing. As a 20-year reader and subscriber, I protest the elimination of this cutting-edge strip which I’ve followed for decades. What’s next, eliminate Peter Keough because not enough people understand or follow documentaries?? Let me suggest giving Jeff Jacoby the ax if more space is needed. BRING BACK ZIPPY.

  29. One of the reasons I continue to get the Boston Globe I s for the puzzles! I enjoy the challenge of solving all of them. They help keep my brain active. Please reconsider.

  30. Can’t belueve Boston Globe has cut comics in half and eliminated 2 games…. please reconsider.
    The news is old by the time paper is printed…. comics, sports, reviews, obits are the reason for reading the paper.

  31. You really should cut For Better or Worse. It’s all reruns. Hasn’t the cartoonist made enough money that she can let someone who’s putting out new work earn a living? Same with Doonesbury.

  32. I was very surprised at the cancelation of several comic strips , the Jumble crossword and the Calcudoka puzzle. it would have been informative to have had something in the Newspaper telling of the cancelations. Just as it would have when you dropped the movie showtimes

  33. Bliss gone! Bring it back. Please. I can get news 24/7 on television Bliss is the first thing I look at when I open the paper. I’ve been gone for a week and I’m irritated on what was done to the comics and puzzle section. First the Wednesday Food section was gutted — what is there now is pitiful and barely worth the newsprint. Now the comics. And the paper gets more expensive. There is really no reason to get the newspaper day anymore — although I do save them for a neighbor’s sink dog. But they will just have to adjust. I’ll look for Bliss on line. And my news will continue to come to me live.

  34. so disappointed by the comic cuts- loved Jumpstart and the Pooch Cafe. I have very little interested for the ones that stated although I read Doonesbury oldies, Arlo and Janis and abit of Rhymes with Orange. Agree with others that the newspaper should have reported this.

  35. We have subscribed to the Globe for over 35 years. The comics are always a must read. They end the otherwise depressing array of political dysfunction and crime news with art, humor and fun. Cutting the comic pages by half is obviously a cost cutting measure. Many of the strips we love are gone, like Jumpstart, Pooch Cafe, Get Fuzzy, and Zippy. For the first time my husband said maybe we should cancel our subscription. The Boston Globe has become a shadow of its former self. Please reconsider this ill conceived action.

  36. So thoroughly disgusted with the latest rape of the comics by people who “know” what readers go to first in am, look forward to
    and the reason people actually subscribe.

    We are bombarded by horrendous news daily by the clock that wakes us up, headlines we see picking the paper off the deck, getting in the car to go to work and much more throughout the day. I take the paper for the 45 min I have to enjoy the comics, start the crossword, (I finish in the evening) and do the jumble when I get up. I do not read the paper until much later in the day and have heard it all by then on media. PLEASE bring back the only two pages you publish worth the price of the paper and the very large tip I give the delivery person.

  37. I thought the missing page of comics and puzzles was caused by the cyber attack. After calling and finding this web page, I now know what I have recently suspected. The Globe is on a suicidal path. Their advertising rates are way up so few people advertise. The classified’s are outrageously expensive, so few get classified ads. The news is old so few people read the news. The columns all tend to slam Trump even if they have nothing to do with politics, whether we agree or not we have heard the message a thousand times so why read the columns. i could go on and on.

    However, the one ray of sunshine the globe gave me was the comics and puzzles. Half of that is now gone. I do not think half a ray of sunshine is worth it to keep the Globe.

  38. As a former cartoonist , I echo all of the sentiments made so far. I have been a Globe reader for for at least 35 years. The paper has been in a tailspin quality wise for several years. We used to get the latest one star issues now we get the earliest editions thereby making the news even more stale than it ever was.

    The least they can do is keep the Comics and puzzles. My
    favorite was Dustin. I hope the Globe sees the light and reconsiders this Draconian , selfish measure.

  39. My sentiments as what all others have written. The news is in your face everywhere. To be able to relax with 2-3 pages of no news was a reprieve. I am very disappointed with the loss of the daily jumbo puzzle. I didn’t see anything written suggesting comics and puzzles were going to be taken away. At least add in the Jumbo; that doesn’t take up a lot of room. May rethink my subscription.

  40. The comics and puzzles are a welcome relief from the news. Please restore them, especially Zippy! I am a longtime subscriber…not so sure now.

  41. I have been getting the printed paper for 11 years, primarily because I liked the puzzles. Most of these have not been available in an on-line version and now you took away my favorites! Don’t believe they polled their readers.

  42. So, they “polled” their readers to make this “difficult” decision to cut comics in half and get rid of Jumble?? OK, well, let’s see them publish their results as a response to all of their readers who are now complaining. I, for one, would be interested in reading such a report. Actually, what a great idea for a Spotlight series– how to maintain profit in a dying industry by cutting features.

    Until they publish their methodology and results, I am going to continue to believe that it was simply a cost-cutting measure.
    Time to get my comics, Jumble puzzle, and news somewhere else online.

  43. VICTORY! The Boston Globe has heard loud & clear from its readers: in this morning’s paper (page A2), the editors have announced that they will be bringing back some comics and puzzles. They want to hear from readers regarding their top choices and promise to expand the section by the end of January. Email:

  44. I would like the following comics and puzzle restored: Bliss, Get Fuzzy, Zippy, Bizarro and Jump Start. I want the puzzle Jumble restored.

  45. The cartoon “Bliss” brings a smile to my face every day. Cannot imagine not having him in my life.

    Also, enjoyed the puzzle “Calcuduko” . Loved the challenge.

  46. Miss the Jumble puzzle………Use to start my day off on a happy note……..Have been a looooooooong time customer of the Globe.
    A friend has told me she thinks the Herald has the puzzle……Perhaps time for a change!!!!!!!!!

  47. After an insane day at work, I can’t wait to relax with a cup tea and the Boston Globe. One of my favorite escapes is reading the “funny pages.” I thought reducing them had something to do with the December holidays and they would return after the new year. When I realized they were gone for good, I was extremely upset! World and local news are often dreary and depressing. The comics give us reason to chuckle and feel light-hearted. Please reconsider and bring them back!

  48. I start my day with the Boston Globe (going on 40 years). With my coffee I read the Plugger and do the jumble…Please put that back and the great Mother Goose and Grimm and For Better
    or Worse.

    While we are at it, where are all the movie ads and their shows
    and times?????? Thanks

  49. Please restore the jumble puzzle—it’s a great way to enjoy an early AM challenge.
    I also would like Adam@home and Jump Start restored.
    Lastly, please pass along this note to the appropriate division–
    a table of contents would be most helpful. For example—to find the orbituary notices— It’s very frustrating to have to look through several sections of the paper to locate the section. It used to be always in the Metro section but now one has to look in the business—sports —metro section –doesn’t make much sense. Let’s be consistent!!

  50. Doonesbury being so topical, why run it daily? I do enjoy it on Sunday. I know Get Fuzzy is no longer new daily (except Sunday) but I enjoy Darby’s humor and love Bucky and Satchel. I We also miss Bliss and Bizarro. I know you want to stay in business and while I enjoy getting a daily paper, it really is getting too expensive.

  51. In case people missed it, please email the Boston Globe with the comics and puzzles you wish returned! They are taking all feedback at this specific email address:

  52. @Kip Williams You win the message board! Great comment. Exactly. I mean, only guys with names like Pulitzer and Hearst valued the comics section, right? What did they know?

  53. bring back calcudoku, and save a a daily trip to to library
    to get copy of the new your times, todo their version KEN KEN

  54. I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am that you eliminated the JUMBLE only to fill that lovely square box with another comic.
    Every day I would challenge myself in solving the puzzle. It is a great brainteaser and very healthy for the mind. There is so much talk today about using your brain, so why would you cut it out??
    So with that said, please, please bring back the JUMBLE!

  55. I still hold that newspapers should offer sponsors the opportunity to sponsor individual cartoon strips. This would help defray costs and could lead to even more comics and larger printing sizes…

  56. Just got my notice that subscription cost for daily Globe is going up – “less for more” !

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