‘Tis The Season


Jim Keefe‘s present is a presentation of a 1939 King Features set of Christmas cards by Soglow. DeBeck, Raymond, Foster, Knerr, Davis, Herriman, Gottfredson, and others.
*The above Alex Raymond Christmas illustration is from an earlier Keefe post.




GoComics digs into their archives to find some strips about The Christmas Story.




Jim Korkis devotes an entire Animation Anecdotes column to some animated Christmas tales.




Yowp, at his Tralfaz blog, may have uncovered the first animated Christmas cartoon.




Jesus Christ returns in a new DC Comics series next year. Geez, they’d better tread carefully.




And it seems over half of today’s Sunday comic strips
at Comics Kingdom and GoComics are Christmas strips.







One thought on “‘Tis The Season

  1. Did you see that the Boston Globe cut 11 comics from its print edition today?
    In a little note to readers on page 2 of the Dec. 24 print issue, they claimed they made the cuts (which included the Jumble puzzle and a version of KenKen called Concptus Calcadoku) after “considerable reader research.”
    They also tried to sneak the change in on Christmas Eve, hoping no one would notice.
    The strips they cut are Adam@home, Pooch Cafe, Jumpstart, Rose Is Rose, Bizarro, Mister Boffo, Bliss, Dustin, Mother Goose and Grimm, Zippy the Pinhead and Get Fuzzy.
    Get Fuzzy, of course, is in reruns these days, but it’s not clear that that played into their decision, because they kept the zombie version of For Better or for Worse.

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