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Letters to the Editor

The Sunday Pearls was mentioned here the other day and it got some response in the real world.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune

I wish to commend the “Pearls Before Swine” cartoonist, Stephan Pastis, for a truly profound strip last Sunday.
Pastis lost his beloved dog and the panels depict in small, intimate ways, how he and his wife’s lives were profoundly impacted by having the love of a dog in their lives.
For those of us who love our pooches it was confirmation of what we already knew about our wonderful companions; however, I’m optimistic Pastis’ art might turn the staunchest anti-dogger around!

and the Longmont Times-Call

My favorite comic in your comic strips is “Pearls Before Swine,” by Stephan Pastis. I really enjoy his irreverent sense of humor and so on, but … Sunday … he put a strip in that was just so poignant, and I just want say I’m really sorry for your loss. … It was just something that you don’t normally do, and I know you’re hurting.

update: Two days after posting, Stephan Pastis’ strip on GoComics has over 1,100 “loves” and over 450 comments!



In Wichita Falls, Texas their Sunday Funnies were in black and white, not color:

I noticed with shock and amazement that today’s, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018, comics section were NOT in color! Another cost-cutting move by the TRN?

First the TV guide lost its color in what I imagined was an effort to cut cost, but this is unfathomable.

And it was due to cost cutting (multiple newspaper printing facilities being consolidated to one plant) though the editor won’t admit that.

Editor’s Note: Since November, when a fire dramatically damaged the building of the Abilene Reporter-News, the Times Record News has been printing three newspapers a day, including the San Angelo Standard-Times. From time to time, there may be color issues relating to the capacity of the press on a given day. We strive to have those items in color, however.

The letter writer also complains about the delay in Friday night football results, to which the editor responds that only a fool would expect that in print when they could just go to the paper’s website.




Breaking Cat News Fan Art

Georgia Dunn shares some of the fan art she has received involving her Breaking Cat News. The contributions range from youngsters to professionals.

I am particularly happy to see youngsters still enjoying newspaper comics enough to emulate their favorite cartoonists.



For the more advanced students

Some of those BCN fans may want to submit samples to the Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship competition.

The deadline for submissions has been extended until January 7, 2019. It’s a chance for aspiring artists to win a $5,000 scholarship, a trip for two to the Reuben Awards … and kickstart their careers by networking with some of the biggest names in cartooning!

Applicants must be students at a 4-year college in the United States, Canada or Mexico who will be a Junior or Senior during the 2018-2019 academic year. Applicants do not have to be art majors to be eligible for this scholarship.




Best Books of 2018

The year-end best books lists are appearing and some include comic strip related volumes.

The Book Riotasked you to tell us your favorite all-ages comic” and Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson easily made the list.


Also winning votes were “the winners of the 10th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards, the only major book awards decided by readers.”

For the third consecutive year, Sarah Andersen is the Goodreads Choice Award winner for Best Graphic Novels & Comics. Herding Cats, the latest installment in her witty and relatable Sarah Scribbles series, catches up with the world-famous cartoonist as she figures out her own definition of adulthood, tackling scary deadlines, beating back piles of junk-food wrappers, and lovingly corralling an ever-growing horde of pets.


Making the top ten of Mental Floss‘s 56 Best Books of 2018 is Marc Dery’s Edward Gorey biography.

Through never-before-published correspondence and interviews with those who knew Gorey, Dery is able to create a fascinating portrait of the reclusive writer/artist in this compelling biography.

Further down the list (#29) is a collection of Fantastic Four/ Galactus comic books by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Joe Sinnott, and John Byrne.




Hägar the Horrible by Dik Browne

Comic Art Fans


Hägar the Horrible by Frank Frazetta

Cap’n’s Comics