Sunday’s Funnies


Well THAT was an eye-catching Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli. (And shades of Gahan Wilson!)



Another conspicuous Sunday. As much for the coloring as the art, and I got a chuckle too.
I’ve become a big fan of Stantis and Allie‘s Prickly City Sunday pages, imaginative layout and art.



The coloring of today’s Phantom got my attention, but it’s not just that.
Jeff Weigel‘s art and coloring during this Sunday Phantom’s night flight feature has been top-notch.

Wonder if Jeff requested some air adventures (helicopters a few months ago) from writer Tony DePaul?



Staying with adventure, here’s a great Dick Tracy page!
Mike Curtis goes easy on the script and lets the Joe Staton art tell the story.



Dave Whamond keeps his daily panel to a single image and his Sunday to two or three, usually.
But every month or two Reality Check gets more involved and I like it. Plus – funny stuff!



Come for the silhouette, stay for the guest appearances.
Some familiar faces with Hi and Lois in the congregation.
Plus: Eric Reaves draws Tiger, who we mentioned just the other day.



Also familiar is the art style Bill Amend uses in the first two-thirds of today’s Foxtrot.



Stephan Pastis gets personal in today’s Pearls Before Swine.



Lalo Alcaraz and Junco Canché with a fun and political history lesson in La Cucaracha.



Just the sheer variety, from deep philosophical thoughts to expressions of pure joy.
Macanudo by Liniers has jumped into my top ten. Always eager for the next one.