Charles Glass – RIP


Cartoonist Charles Glass has passed away.

Charles Edward Glass
July 4, 1930 – November 5, 2018

Magazine cartoonist, advertising

From the obituary:

After graduating, Charlie moved to New York City and studied at the Arts Students League. It was in New York City where his career as a cartoonist took off. He was a regular contributor in both The New Yorker and Esquire Magazines. He also has a nationally syndicated comic strip, Fortune Kookies. In addition, Charlie had a very successful career in advertising. He was a Senior Vice President and worked on many large campaigns and won numerous awards for both print and commercial.


I couldn’t find any samples of his magazine cartooning.

Found one sample of his Fortune Kookies comic strip which ran around 1973 – 1977.

above: October 28, 1977



update November 18, 2018:


above: December 22, 1973


4 thoughts on “Charles Glass – RIP

  1. I was wondering where did the strip appear? Smaller local paper perhaps?

    Is it possible he worked under an alias in his cartoon work? I see he held a pretty good advertising day job and I wonder if he decided to submit his cartoon work under an alias to avoid any issues he could have with his employer or clients?

    Is the syndicate information and signature better able to read at the original source for the cartoon example? Perhaps those might be clues into finding his New Yorker or Esquire cartoons?

  2. The 1973 – 1977 dates of the panel come from Dave Strickler’s Index of the E & P Syndicates Annuals and can be see as part of Allan Holtz’s Mystery Strips series:

    I have added another panel taken from your Newark Advocate link showing a “c. glass” signature.

    With Charles Glass (or any variations) not showing up in your cartoonists indexes and none of his cartoons appearing in The Complete New Yorker or Michael Maslin’s lists, I’m beginning to suspect that his magazine cartoons were mostly relegated to specialized magazines and newsletters.

    But he definitely did have a newspaper panel syndicated by the major CT-NYN syndicate.

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