2018 Stanley Awards (Australian Cartoonists Assn)


above: last year’s Comic Strip Stanley Award to Gary Clark

The Australian Cartoonists’ Association is holding its annual Stanley Awards and Cartoonists Conference this weekend in Canberra (or maybe its going on right now, isn’t Australia, like, three or four days ahead of the U.S.?)

The Stanley Awards are Australia’s equivalent of the United States’ National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben Awards.

The awards, named after Australian newspaper cartoonist Stan Cross, have 10 categories including awards for comic strip artist, caricaturist, book illustrator, animator, political cartoonist and cartoonist of the year.


And there is a “Gold Stanley” award for Cartoonist of the Year.

The Canberra Times reports,

…nominees for 2018’s top award are [The Canberra Times‘ cartoonist David Pope, Australian Financial Review‘s David Rowe], the Sydney Morning Herald‘s Cathy Wilcox and Glen Le Lievre, Peter Player, the Herald-Sun‘s Mark Knight, the Mercury‘s Christopher Downes, and creator of the “Swamp” comic strip, Gary Clark.

The ACA issues a Yearbook prior to the Awards Weekend
and the 104 page 2018 edition is available online through Issuu.

Stay current with news and updates by checking in at the ACA’s blog.

above: Stan Cross’ 1933 cartoon – the basis for the award’s design