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Post-Gazette Picks Up Steve Kelley’s ‘Dustin’


After hiring Steve Kelley as its editorial cartoonist a couple weeks ago, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has decided to increase Steve’s P-G income by carrying his syndicated comic strip Dustin.



Dustin, syndicated by King Features Syndicate, is a joint effort by Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker.

Mr. Kelley, who has performed as a stand-up comedian on stage and on television, said he approaches writing “Dustin” as a sitcom. Throughout the day, he jots down observations on his cell phone and has assembled a small staff of contributors who pitch jokes on a freelance basis.

After writing “Dustin” as a theatrical script with stage directions, he emails it to Mr. Parker, who is based in Tallahassee, Fla. Dustin and his world are then put to paper.

“Jeff is just a miracle worker; he can do anything artistically,” Mr. Kelley said.


The announcement and the strip were published in today’s Post-Gazette.

No word on what, if anything, was dropped to make space for the newcomer.






Community Comments

#1 Jean Luc Godwood
@ 6:00 pm

Oh, of course, of course, we loved your comic before but now that you work for us we like it enough to buy it. But know that when you disagree with us, the comic goes too.

#2 S Eldridge
@ 6:51 pm

“Dustin,” like “Zits” but without the humor.

#3 Sundip Patel
@ 8:06 am

There’s a team that writes this? Good lord. Did they hire the staff from the George Lopez show?

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