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Hilary B. Price

Hilary opens her studio! A new Rhymes With Orange collection! Hilary’s Mom! Hilary visits Rina Piccolo! Hilary and Rina jam on a King Kong comic! And more at Hilary’s infrequently updated blog!



Bob Mankoff

Bob Mankoff picks his 10 All-Time Favorite Cartoons for Parade magazine.



Asterix and Obelix and Political Correctness

Sections of the French press wondered if Asterix’s adventures, which first appeared in 1959, had fallen victim to censorship in Europe’s heated political climate and the debate over mass migration, when its 37th volume was published a year ago.

With the series’ “famous opening pages” omitted from the volume — meaning Asterix and Obelix were no longer introduced as “Gauls who resist the invader” — some media outlets questioned whether its publisher had felt “that this phrase, which is emblematic of the saga, is today too controversial to be delivered to an audience of millions?”

From The Four Color Media Monitor



Jules Feiffer

Feiffer’s talent is obviously inexhaustible, or at least he has not exhausted it yet.

The leftist Portside reviews Jules newest graphic novel The Ghost Story.



Charles Addams

For Halloween The Long Island Press profiled the macabre Charles Addams.



Cartoonist Sends Cartoon From the Beyond

On October 31 cartoonist Vincenzo “Enzo” Apicella died at age 96.

On November 1st he sent a cartoon to his followers.