The Sunday Funnies – October 21 Impressions

One of the first comic strips I saw today was Frazz.

Jef Mallett plays with the form as much as anyone, today the top silhouette brought a smile.



And I’ve also been impressed with the Sunday art at Prickly City lately (for months really).

Hat tip to Eric Allie and Scott Stantis.



Tim Rickard’s Brewster Rockit was the funniest comic strip today (your mileage may vary).



Wiley‘s art at Non Sequitur is always a joy – but I been extra lovin’ his castles this month.

And it reads like his intriguing Sunday Parable is starting to take hold.



Finally, with the art, Robb Armstrong seems to have put some effort in what I think is a drop panel.

That opening traffic panel in JumpStart today is really nice.



Cartoonists Cartooning Cartoonists

Thatababy and Paul Trap features legends Gary Larson and Bill Watterson.


Zippy the Pinhead and Picasso by Bill Griffith.


Can’t be good for a cartoonist to be featured in a Dick Tracy story by Mike Curtis and Joe Staton.

A tip of the Tracy fedora to Donnie Pitchford, cartoonist of Lum and Abner.


And while last week’s Prince Valiant was justifiably praised,
that impressive panel ran (a close) second to my favorite panel of last Sunday.

Webb Bobber as drawn by Bob Weber! I love it!

As an aside: I couldn’t help but smile at this week’s big opening panel in Moose and Molly too.





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  1. Thanks so much for recognizing me as “Peter Pitchblende”! I am honored by this cameo from Mike Curtis and Joe Staton! “Peter” will be seen again as this story continues!

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