Jane’s World – And In The End…

Paige Braddock has, at least for the time being, decided to end her Jane’s World comic strip.

above: Jane’s World ending on a happy high note


Paige earlier this year, after years with the company, was promoted to Chief Creative Officer at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates. The added duties may have played a role in the cartoonist retiring her comic after 20 (24?) years.

A prototype of the comic strip first appeared in 1995 (or 1994) as See Jane, in 1998 Jane’s World began. Later United Media would begin running strips on their Comics.com internet site, and the strip continued on Andrews McMeel’s GoComics. In 2001 United Media attempted to syndicate the strip into mainstream newspapers.

The New York Times notes the ending in an article today.

Jane Wyatt’s life, as comic readers have known it for the last 20 years, is changing course: On Friday, she is getting married. That is also the last day, for now, of her continuing adventures.

Over the years, [Paige] had wondered how she would know when to end the strip. With the 20th anniversary and the wedding, the timing seemed right. “I felt I could go out on a high note,” she said.


Two months ago The Daily Cartoonist talked to Paige about Jane’s World and about her new position at the Peanuts Empire.

We wish Paige all the best, but still hope she graces us with her cartooning talents occasionally.