Comic Strip History, Lessons #197 – #201

Walt Kelly and Pogo

In 1977, four years after Walt’s death, The Museum of Cartoon Art issued a
A Retrospective of Walt Kelly and Pogo



The Cartoonist Guild of America (1936 – 1939)

B. K. Munn inquires into the little known history of an attempt at a cartoonists’ union.



America’s First Color Newspaper Supplement (1892)

From the archives of the wonderful Yesterday’s Papers is this article by Richard Samuel West about the origins of the Sunday Funnies section.

Comic strip historians credit H.H. Kohlsaat as the grandfather of the Sunday comic supplement.



Sunday Funnies: The Newspaper Comic Book Insert

In the late 1970s a new/old format of the Sunday Comics Section tried to take hold. The comic strips were published in a comic book sized pamphlet instead of on the traditional broadsheets. Of course this had been tried before, most famously with The Spirit Section.



The Peasants Are Revolting

A history of the phrase. And more.



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