Stephan Pastis Scoffs at Readers’ Complaints…

Stephan Pastis scoffs at readers’ complaints…
and then, in his own way, trolls them.

They say it’s unwise to annoy a cartoonist. Take, for example, Stephan Pastis.

In a recent comic strip, the “Pearls Before Swine” creator took aim at those who nitpick over grammatical errors while also giving a shout-out to the central Pennsylvania region.

In the Aug. 25 strip, the characters Pig and Rat are reading a letter from an angry reader in Harrisburg, who demands they “either get an editor or learn proper English.” The pair then proceed to murder every linguistics rule in the book until the final panel, which shows a reader perusing The Patriot-News, aghast at all the errors.

The Patriot-News showcases some samples and asks the cartoonist about his inability to avoid using his Pearls Before Swine comic strip to “punch back” at reader complaints.



2 thoughts on “Stephan Pastis Scoffs at Readers’ Complaints…

  1. The only feedback I ever get are negative ones. I know how Stephan feels, lol. I had someone write me a long email just last week telling me why my comic strip is so bad… The email went on for 8 paragraphs.


    -Davy Jones
    Creator of “Charmy’s Army”

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