Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics

upcoming – Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics by Jason Whiton

Before creating Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois, and many other comic strips, Mort Walker was a child prodigy who sold to national magazines. Over his 80+ year career, Walker became the patron saint of cartooning by syndicating his work to millions of readers, founding the Museum of Cartoon Art, leading his professional community, and supporting young artists. Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics features all of his major interviews and articles from 1935-2018, rare photographs, obituaries, and tributes- many created specially for the book. Written and edited by writer/artist Jason Whiton with the cooperation of Mort Walker and his family. Approx. 400 pages.

Available soon on Kindle.


hat tip to Mike Lynch.


In 2005 Jason Whiton edited, in collaboration with Mort Walker, the Mort Walker: Conversations book

Earlier this year Jason posted a tribute to the late Mort Walker.