Getting Awarded: C. J. Barrios, R. C. Harvey, others

Charis Jackson Barrios has won the 2018 John Locher Memorial Award.

The John Locher Memorial Award is a contest for aspiring cartoonists, ages 18-25, whose work demonstrates both clear opinions and strong artistry on political and social topics. Single panel, multi-panel, and animated editorial cartoons and comics [are] accepted.

“Charis is producing well-crafted, smart, affecting comics that are equally adept in dishing out facts and relating personal anecdotes, especially with regard to race. Her comics are thoughtful and substantive, executed in a bold, readable style, and address a range of timely, relevant topics from a unique perspective underrepresented in political cartooning.”

The judges also recognized the following cartoonists for their outstanding submissions to the 2018 Locher Award:
Leila Abdelrazaq
Sage Coffey
Madeleine Witt
Caroline Cook
Jake Thrasher




Last week at the San Diego Comic Con R. C. Harvey was given an Inkpot Award.

Comic-Con International’s Inkpot Awards are given to individuals for their contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation, and fandom services.

Hat tip to American Association of Editorial Cartoonists, where you’ll find more links.



Also among the cartoonists receiving an Inkpot Award last week were

Brian Fies, graphic story artist, whose publisher surprised him with replacement awards (including his Eisner for the webcomic and graphic novel Mom’s Cancer) for a few of his many that he lost in the Santa Rosa fire last year.


Liniers (Ricardo Siri), creator of Macanudo which will soon be syndicated in the united States. Liniers also won an Eisner Award at The Con for his Good Night, Planet book.


Shannon Wheeler, of Too Much Coffee Man fame, who also was honored with an Eisner Award for Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost at this year’s Con.

More Inkpot, but not Eisner, Award winners can be found at Augie De Blieck Jr.’s list.