Ted Rall Updates Lawsuit v. L. A. Times

This week Ted Rall updated the status of his two year old lawsuit against the Los Angeles Times:

I sued the LA Times for wrongful termination and defamation in 2016. The Times responded with an anti-SLAPP motion asking the court to order me to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars in their legal fees. They prevailed at the trial court level.

In 2017 I filed my anti-SLAPP appeal to the California Court of Appeals. Now the Times has responded to my appeal with their own brief.


A week ago Ted wrote of “the media’s conspiracy of silence”:

I am suing for the Los Angeles Times and the $638 million newspaper conglomerate Tronc for the defamation and wrongful termination they carried out as a favor for the chief of Los Angeles Police Department.

I don’t know how things will turn out. But I have learned a lot about the justice system.

            I’ve learned there’s a “Thin Grey Line” — a conspiracy of silence that media outlets use to shield one another from public scrutiny and accountability.


I am curious if the recent sale of The Los Angeles Times will have any effect. An effort to settle? The new owner took over a number of liabilities, did those include lawsuits? Will the new owner, a major Tronc investor, now join the group of defendants?


A Ted Rall cartoon from late 2017.