Newly Updated – Starlee and the Moonbeams

Sally Forth writer Francesco Marciuliano has been  posting a running commentary about the Sally Forth (Trystero) Comic Con at his Medium Large blog. Since Ces doesn’t tag his posts I’m just going to link to the July 2018 archives, though the comic con commentary begins in June. I recommend reading them, they’re as entertaining as the Sally Forth comic strip…and informative. For example today Ces tells us…

Tomorrow [Sunday July 15, 2018] you get to see an actual episode of Starlee and the Moonbeams, complete with [Carina and] the Darkstars, an original song, and [more].

Cartoonist Jim Keefe, on the other hand, does tag his Sally Forth posts but not as Starlee specific or consistently (the Jerry Craft post is not tagged as Sally Forth or Starlee). So later you will have to search through his July 2018 posts.

But Jim does like to point out the Easter Eggs he throws in the series.



Previous July 1, 2018 item:

Ted and Sally Forth have made it to and entered the Trystero Con!

Writer Francesco Marciuliano takes a turn at explaining/detailing the cosplayers in the July 1, 2018 Sunday comic strip at his Medium Large blog.

While cartoonist Jim Keefe today shows us some of the original art for the July 1st Sunday at his blog.

And to quote Jim: “Lots more comic con and cosplay fun in the weeks ahead…”



(Most of) the original June 23, 2018 post:

Starlee and the Moonbeams make their pictorial debut next week.

Sally Forth, Ted, and the kids go to a convention.

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  1. Is this going to be a parody of 1970’s cartoon “Josie and the Pussycats” and/or 1980’s cartoon “Jem and the Holograms”?

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