Mid-July Quick Hits – Editorial Cartoons

New Jersey Chiefs of Police Upset with Signe Wilkinson

Last month The Asbury Park Press published a Signe Wilkinson cartoon

and the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police took exception to the portrayal.

A conservative blogger picked up the story.



Against the Grain: Bombthrowing in the Fine American Tradition of Political Cartooning

Bill Sanders made a stop at the Montgomery Advertiser to talk about his new autobiography.

After serving in Korea, first as a mortar platoon leader and then commanding the Stars and Stripes military unit in Seoul, Sanders began his editorial cartooning career at the Greensboro Daily News in North Carolina.
…beyond his career as an editorial cartoonist for the Greensboro Daily News, Kansas City Star and Milwaukee Journal [there is music].



Artist Responds to Cartoon Outcry 

A couple hundred miles north of the U.S./Canada border a cartoonist is bemused.

Wow! I’ve never been called “abhorrent” or “repulsive” before!
I am mystified, though, as to how the July 4 editorial cartoon managed to drift casually over the complainant’s head without him grasping the meaning.

Cartoonist Ray Masson responds to an outraged, but confused, reader.



It’s An Unmad, Unmad, Unmad World

A look back at 40 years of the longest running satire magazine in South Asia.

Speaking of the current state of political cartoons, Mehedi [Haque] opines, “A political cartoonist’s job is to critique the establishment. But our party politics have become so binary that whenever a cartoon is anti-government, the ruling party associates it with propaganda from some opposition party. I have been drawing since ’98 but back then it was easier. We now see strong evidence of self-censorship, much more than actual censorship. Maybe there is no actual embargo under democracy, but there is a lot more fear within cartoonists. Self-censorship is worse.”



Politician Posts Racist Cartoon, Blames Staffers

Now it’s Ron Paul. A cartoon is altered for propaganda, then retweeted by a politician.

The original cartoon was an anti-imperialism/pro-communism cartoon.

The cartoon was altered and falsely credited to a conservative cartoonist.
As is the custom these days, when a person of means posts something that causes enormous backlash, the claim is the fault lies with others.
The Hill, among many, carried the story.
Slate also carried the story. One of the few offering a defense of the wrongly credited Ben Garrison:

The lineage of the image is a little confusing. As it was posted by Paul, the cartoon appeared to be signed by a pro-Trump cartoonist named Ben Garrison. But Garrison has tweeted that he did not draw it—and, in fact, a number of openly racist and anti-Semitic hoax images are known to have been falsely credited to Garrison when they were actually created and circulated by users of the Nazi-friendly 4chan /pol/ forum, in a sort of weird, trolling tribute (?) to his work.