Bill Lignante – RIP

Comic strip, comic book, animation, and courtroom sketch artist Bill Lignante has passed away.
Word is spreading of the death of cartoonist Bill Lignante with this posting by Mark Evanier.

above: Bill’s National Cartoonists Society mini-autobio card

William G. (Bill) Lignante
March 20, 1925 – February 27, 2018

Bill Lignante drew comic strips and Western/Dell/Gold Key comic books for 20 years during the 1950s and 1960s. He also did layout and design work for animation, and was a courtroom sketch artist for decades.

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It seems The Phantom fan site Chronicle Chamber broke the news last month. Bill did a short stint on The Phantom comic strip and a long stretch on The Phantom comic book. In breaking the news the Chronicle Chamber retells the “scandalous” portrayal of The Phantom by Lignante.

Jerry Bails‘ Who’s Who provides a list of Bill’s comics gigs.

Allan Holtz and Alex Jay provide a profile and a look at several of Bill’s comic strips.

Allan Holtz lists Let’s Explore Your Mind, Ozark Ike, The Phantom, Red Ryder, and Will Wynn among the comic strips Bill worked on. Others include King of the Royal Mounted among his comic strip credits.