Wallace the Brave Gets Local Coverage

Both new 2018 syndicated comic strips (Wallace the Brave and Daddy Daze) continue to get press coverage. Will Henry‘s Wallace the Brave gets in a local newspaper about the comic strip and the cartoonist appearing at a meet and greet Sunday June 24.

The article about the new comic also has an interview with William Henry Wilson.

Now that your strip is widely syndicated, how far in advance do you work on it? Could you describe your work process?

I’m pretty ahead. I’ve been working with Andrews McMeel syndication and their fantastic editor, Shena Wolf, for the past three or four years, and in that time I’ve been able to bank quite a bit of comics. I’m about two years ahead on written material, but eventually I’ll be working about six weeks in advance. I usually will write a month’s work of comic and send the penciled rough drafts to my editor, and she and I will discuss what works and what doesn’t and make the appropriate edits. Then I’ll begin the inking, old school style. Pen, ink, nib, micron pens on smooth bristol board, I even do all my lettering by hand like a dinosaur. Then, I’ll scan the inked comic and use an ancient version of PhotoShop to color it. Boom, done, repeat tomorrow … and the day after that.

Betty J. Cotter‘s entire article and interview with Will
can be read at the Southern Rhode Island Newspapers site.

Wallace the Brave can be read at GoComics.