Jeff Darcy Corrects Editorial Cartoon

Crying girl not taken from mom: Corrected/Updated Darcy cartoon

Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial cartoonist Jeff Darcy has corrected and apologized for making a factual error in his June 20th cartoon.

above: the original cartoon as seen on

 My June 20 cartoon, in which I drew the image of the girl, erroneously stated the girl had been taken from her mother.  Saturday the cartoon and its original post on were corrected and updated.   I was remiss in not confirming, as best possible, the status of the girl and wording the cartoon appropriately when I created it.  

above: corrected cartoon from

Jeff continues:

The last thing I or anyone in journalism want to do is get facts wrong and then have them used as fake news fodder for a president who has been by far the biggest purveyor of fake news and blatant lies.

It is fair and good that journalists are held to account for factual errors, even when innocently made without malice.

Read Jeff’s entire column about the cartoon and the picture that has become the iconic image of immigration chaos at The Plain Dealer site.