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More Questions From a Comic Strip Fan (Andrews McMeel Syndication edition)

First and most important: When will Steve McGarry do a page on Ray Davies. quite simply the greatest songwriter of all time?


Do people still know the origins of Lalo Alcaraz’s The Beandocks?


Does Brooke McEldowney have a one-track mind?


Who is In The Bleachers cartoonist “Benz”? (My Guess is Ben Zaehringer.)

Berkeley Mews, by the way, is a song written by Ray Davies – refer to question one.


When will Eric Allie get to sign the Prickly City comic strip?


Is Wallace the Brave the new “art” comic strip?


When is E. R. Burroughs Inc. going to replace the old Gray Morrow/Al Gross strips with the “new” Sunday formatted strips by Roy Thomas and Tom Grindberg?




How DOES Stephan Pastis get away with it?

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#1 Darryl Heine
@ 8:24 am

Not featured: How long is Lincoln Pierce’s hiatus from doing Big Nate going to be?

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