Wine Shop Owner Draws new Wallace the Brave strip

[William Wilson’s] “Wallace the Brave” comic strip, which he pens under the name of Will Henry, is now in more than 100 newspapers across the U.S., including the Houston Chronicle where it begins Sunday.

And the Houston Chronicle is where this piece introducing readers to their newest comic strip appears.  Will Henry’s Wallace the Brave remains the newest, and only, syndicated comic strip introduced this year (for two more weeks, anyway).

Set in the quiet waterfront town of Snug Harbor, the [Wallace the Brave] strip illustrates the sometimes strange adventures of a young boy named Wallace, his odd best friend Spud, and new-in-town Amelia. It’s a bit of a throwback to the days when the concerns of childhood centered more on sea shells and space ships than smartphones, to a world where the echoes of early “Peanuts” or “Calvin & Hobbes” can be heard in the distance. But Wilson says he wanted “Wallace” to be happier.
“When I was reading comics as a kid, I hated that Charlie Brown was kind of like a loser and a downer.”