Quick Hits – ed-op edition

The Library of Congress’ Herblock Gallery is updated every six months. Recently Curator Sara W. Duke posted about the newest additions.

From 50 years ago – the more things change…


Last week this site informed about Image Comics’ coming Li’l Donnie collection. Now comes news that Image Comics will be collecting Pia Guerra’s political cartoons as seen on The Nib.

Seems Image is joining the political roundtable.


Comic strip and political cartoon creator Lalo Alcaraz is profiled in The Sun of Southwestern College.

Lalo Alcaraz is one of America’s most beloved cartoonists.
Lalo Alcaraz is also one of America’s most hated cartoonist.

Might disagree with “the conservative-leaning world of syndicated cartoonists” statement made by the article’s author. May have once been true, don’t know about now.


From Memorial Day weekend Michael Maslin looks at The New Yorker War Cartoons albums of World War Two.


More history:
Paul Berge is back with a look at first amendment intimidation during World War One via editorial cartoons.