Questions, Thoughts and Overhead from the Reubens

  • Arnold Roth joined Rube Goldberg and Mort Walker as the only recipients of the Golden T-Square (for 50 years as a professional cartoonist). Who’s next on this august list?
  • Is a Huntington Beach California fest-type-Reubens a done deal for next year’s? Sounded like it.
  • Kudos to the NCS Voting Base for once again not forgetting that old(er) white males have something to contribute.
  • Philadelphia is great city.
  • Was that the lowest percentage of winners to be in the house?
  • “I hear the next AAEC convention might be its last.”
  • Nice Job, Morrisons.
  • Standing ovation from the crowd for the “Women Pioneers of Cartoon Art” session with Jan Eliot, Sandra Bell-Lundy, Barbara Dale, Lynn Johnston, Ann Telnaes and Cathy Guisewite is a really cool thing.
  • “Are those tux slacks a bit snug, JG?”
  • Philly citizens are not afraid to introduce themselves on the street and then cry.
  • How about the voices on the Von Traptullis?

From Special Correspondent to the Daily Cartoonist -John Glynn

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