What They’ve Done to Glenn McCoy is Despicable

As mentioned here last week Glenn McCoy announced on his Facebook page 10 days ago that the Belleville News-Democrat had let him go. Among the messages of well-wshes Glenn let it be known that, while it was the newspaper that made the decision, he wasn’t terribly upset.

“I think I’m going to focus on my animation work now and hang up my cartooning hat for the time being.”

He seems to be really enjoying this new animation phase of his career.

He has been moving in that direction, again from a recent Facebook post:

“I handed over the Flying McCoys to Gary a couple years ago. I’m still doing most of the art for the Duplex and Gary is writing it.”

Meanwhile the Belleville News-Democrat bade farewell to Glenn today – all hugs and kisses; and as much Glenn moving on as it was them saving a dollar. They put Glenn’s farewell cartoon on the web story – I don’t know if it made the print edition.

McClatchy Co. is not the healthiest of creatures and their new regional system is just another name for the same old strategy — shrinking and cutting.

Plus McClatchy, at least in my area, is not partial to conservative positions.

And, while we’ll miss Glenn in the daily fishwrap, we wish him a future of only better things.

5 thoughts on “What They’ve Done to Glenn McCoy is Despicable

  1. I’m not trying to stand up for the News-Democrat or McClatchy here, but from the headline I was expecting something out of the norm, not business as usual. It’s despicable when any cartoonist loses his job, not just the conservative ones.

    I know you’re new at running this website, but look at the archives. Editorial cartoonists losing their positions didn’t just start ten days ago. And it’s not something that’s only hit conservative or liberal cartoonists.

    I wish Glenn the best in the direction he’s going in and I’m sure he’ll be very successful, even more so than he was in the past with his animations.

  2. The headline was my, admittedly poor, attempt at riffing on Glenn’s long, integral association with the Despicable Me franchise. I thought I had softened that a bit by letting all know in the lede that Glenn was not losing any sleep over the action.

    Let me assure you that I was very concerned about Pat Bagley’s position with the recent slashing of Salt Lake Tribune staff. Conservative, liberal, independent? I decry the loss of any cartooning job.

    Twenty years ago The Village Voice fired Jules Feiffer from a staff position and then tried to run the feature through syndication (Feiffer refused to approve that option). I am aware of the history of ed-op cartoonists being let go by their newspapers and, as a fan of all cartoonists, am saddened by the continuing trend.

  3. I love Glenn McCoy’s work, and will have to seek him out from another source. I am disgusted by the cost-cutting tabs that they slap on things…have to cut this, have to cut that. I have been a victim of this way of thinking before. it’s disgraceful. Great luck in your future endeavors, Mr. McCoy!

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