Hogan’s Alley Predicts The Reubens

Tom Heintjes, who knows all about comics past and present, now presumes to divine the future as he predicts who will win their respective Reuben Awards this Memorial Day Weekend. Tom’s been doing this for 12 years and, though he is not always right, it is always an interesting bit of handicapping.

Also regarding this year’s Reubens…
By this time we have usually been presented with Tom Richmond’s poster caricaturing The Dinner’s emcee and speakers and those receiving special awards and The Reuben nominees. This year we (at least the general public) has been kept in the dark.

Who, if anyone, will get The Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award? Will there be a Silver (or Gold?) T-Square recipient?

All I know is that some of the cartoonists will make a public appearance the Sunday after The Dinner.

Anyway, in keeping with Tom’s predictions above, here’s a guess of my own…

He was raised in Philadelphia. In 2015 he contributed a cartoon to Roll Call. In 2016 he drew a week of Dilbert. In 2017 he became one of The Usual Gang of Idiots. I predict in 2018 Jake Tapper will receive an NCS A.C.E. Award.