Cartoonist Phil Collins 1931 – 2018

Cartoonist Phil Collins has passed away.

James Phillip (Phil) Collins
October 6, 1931 – April 29, 2018

From the Toronto Star obituary:

Throughout his life he was always seeking ways to express himself through various creative pursuits. As a young man, he was a member of The Three Reeds, a harmonica trio. Their musical comedy act played in many venues in the UK. Returning to Ontario, he pursued a career in commercial art and advertising. His many paintings were shown and sold in galleries throughout Ontario. Phil also developed a comic strip called Leonardo which was published in the Toronto Star and the Montreal Star. At other times, he put his mind to writing science fiction and creating children’s books. He was always a keen snooker player.

His comic strip Leonardo “was an offering of the Artists & Writers Syndicate that ran from July 26 1976 to March 19 1977 as both a Sunday and daily,” according to Allan Holtz’s Stripper’s Guide.

The strip was also known as “Leonardo featuring His Grace” according to this Heritage Auctions listing.