Allan Holtz blows up Comic Strip History

One hundred years ago, November 1918, saw the debut of Gasoline Alley.

So in this celebratory centennial of Gasoline Alley, the oldest comic strip still in new production (is Jim Scancarelli still producing new material?), comics historian Allan Holtz has a shocking new revelation.

Updating the history of Chic Jackson’s Roger Bean comic strip Allan has uncovered this comic strip, a full six years before Skeezix first appeared on Walt Wallet’s doorstep:

But that’s not the hammer he took to accepted comic strip history. Every history mentioning Gasoline Alley will have to be revised following Allan’s other big reveal in today’s Obscurity of the Day!

2 thoughts on “Allan Holtz blows up Comic Strip History

  1. As far as can be sussed out, the Katzenjammer Kids ended its newspaper run in 2015 when the King Features Weekly Service replaced that strip with Prince Valiant. There is some uncertainty, but no one has come forth with a sample of the Katz. Kids running in a newspaper since then.
    More certain is that NEW Katzenjammer Kids Sunday strips stopped being produced in 2006. Hy Eisman confirmed that – after King Features acknowledged the end in their 2015 newspaper supplement celebrating 100 Years of KFS.
    Beneath the page two image of The Katz. Kids the caption reads “The Katzenjammer Kids (1897 – 2006).”

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