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Cartoonist William Hamilton’s widow recalls a peculiar work habit of the cartoonist.

Later this month the National Cartoonists Society will award The Reuben to The Cartoonist of the Year. What better time to remember Rube Goldberg. Yesterday The Smithsonian did just that.

During his 72-year career, cartoonist Rube Goldberg produced more than 50,000 drawings and thousands of comic strips. In 1922, Goldberg was so sought after that a newspaper syndicate paid him $200,000 for his comic strips – the equivalent of around $2.3 million today, and in the ’40s and ’50s, he was famous enough to endorse products like cough drops, socks and Lucky Strike cigarettes (although he personally only smoked cigars.)

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That Forbes cover mentioned at the end the article can be viewed, courtesy of technological wizard and comics fan Harry McCracken,

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