Comic Strip Cartoonist #7 and Hogan’s Alley #22

Comic Strip Cartoonist #7
Snuffy Smith cartoonist John Rose interviewed
Rina Piccolo says goodbye to Tina’s Groove
Justin Thompson and his MythTickle comic strip
Visiting the Charles M. Schulz Museum
Corbett Features’ self-syndicated cartoonist Barry Corbett
and more.
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Hogan’s Alley #22
Cartoonists of the old Open Road for Boys magazine
Sergio Aragonés’ Fanny Hillman cartoon booklet
The creation of Hanna-Barbera’s Johnny Quest
Prolific New Yorker cartoonist Perry Barlow
Master cartoonist George Booth is interviewed
The multitude of Katzenjammer Kids doppelgangers
and, of course, more.
(contents taken from #21’s next issue page)

About Hogan’s Alley #22 Tom Heintjes says:
“It’s taking longer to assemble than we would like,
but it’s going to be an amazing issue.”
In the meantime Heintjes has made his annual offer
to send you a free issue of Hogan’s Alley magazine
for the upcoming Free Comic Book Day.
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