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Will Terry Reviews the iPad Pro as a professional illustration tool

Children’s book illustrator Will Terry reviews Apple’s iPad Pro as a professional illustration device.

Community Comments

#1 Jeff Knurek
@ 8:58 am

Great review! Very thorough. Thanks. Can’t wait for my pad to come and give it a go for my work.

#2 Bob deWitt
@ 2:20 pm

Hey, Will. Nice review. Very helpful. I wish I had seen it while I researching the Pro. Even so, I purchased the iPad Pro & Pencil and have been very happy with the combination so far; quite frankly, it has rekindled my love of drawing. Like you, I also like ProCreate very much.I am wondering whether you have taken a look at the Paintstorm app? It has only recently become available on the iPad Pro. I’d be interested in your impression of it.

By the way, I purchased a mechanical pen so I could harvest it of its clip which slips nicely over the end of the Pencil. That way, I can have the Pencil with me at all times, either clipped to the Smart Cover, or to my shirt. A good solution for Apple’s lack of vision in not providing a clip for the Apple Pencil.

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