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Tina’s Groove creator Rina Piccolo draws ‘Rhymes with Orange’

Tina’s Groove creator Rina Piccolo returns to temporarily take over Hilary Price’s Rhymes With Orange.

From Rina’s blog:

As some of you may remember, I?ve had a few stints as a guest on RWO over the years. What can I say ? Hilary is one of my ultimate favorite gag cartoonists, and in my opinion her comic ranks among the top 5 best single panel cartoons in syndication? so this opportunity to guest spot is a real thrill for me.

If you don?t want to wait until next week to see all Seven ?toons, then please check them out daily here: Rina?s Week on RHYMES WITH ORANGE.

Community Comments

#1 Rosie Joyner
@ 9:03 pm

Glad to hear it! I love both cartoonists work. Two of my favorites.
I especially love single panel cartoons, anyway.
Keep ’em coming.

#2 Susan Camilleri Konar
@ 3:23 pm

Rina’s style, humour and wonderfully original ideas make her one of the very best out there.

#3 Joel Tieg
@ 10:43 pm

Is this really news?

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