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Check out Calvin and Hobbes reimagined as other sidekick duos

Illustrator Mike Miller has created a series of posters casting Calvin and Hobbes as other sidekick duos from comic books and the big screen. Think Rocket and Groot, Batman and Robin, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Below are a couple of my favorites. He created 25 of them in total which you can see in his online store.

Community Comments

#1 Karyl Miller
@ 12:11 pm

How can one artist STEAL from another and “re-imagine” their original artwork and make money from it? Outrageous!

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 12:40 pm

Standard I’m not a lawyer warning goes here, but I think what would keep him out of trouble is that he’s not overtly drawing Calvin and/or Hobbes. He’s taking characteristics (character shape/size/expression/font) and applying them to other known characters to create a completely new piece of art.

#3 Phil Judd
@ 5:13 pm

Maybe Bill gets a cut…

#4 Phil Judd
@ 5:23 pm

…seeing as he created what these are based on it’s a no brainer he should…

#5 Joel Tieg
@ 12:29 am

What’s outrageous is making the accusation that this artist is stealing artwork. I see creative and interesting work. Who are you to piss in someone else’s puddle? Building on familiar and existing subject matter is common. Shame on you for being such a mean-spirited criticaster.

#6 Mike Peterson
@ 3:11 am

I hope Lenny Davinci is getting a cut every time some cheap hack rips off his Mona Lisa or Last Supper and turns them into something else, ’cause that’s just stealing.

#7 Joel Tieg
@ 3:46 pm

@karylmiller. How typical to smear someone, then slink away when you’ve been called out.

#8 Terry LaBan
@ 8:10 am

He’s not “stealing” anything. He’s making fan art and crediting the original creator.

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