Carvtober – get your comic characters on Halloween pumpkins and support your favorite charity

This week The Daily Cartoonist is sponsored by Carvtober. is a venue where artists (amateur or professional) are able to raise money for the charity of their choice by making a unique pumpkin carving patterns available for purchase by fans and supporters for a nominal fee of $1.98.

Now fans can enjoy their favorite characters while funds are raised for worthy charitable organizations.

Any non-profit organization can be your beneficiary ? and with no financial risk or cost. Simply provide basic information about the charitable organization to begin raising funds for your cause and the charity will receive a check a few days after Halloween.

Charities receive the majority of revenue with the remaining cents covering expenses such as:

  • All hosting, development and admin costs of with creating/maintaining the site
  • All transaction fees, sales taxes and e-commerce charges

To participate simply prepare a carve-able pattern featuring your artwork/character as a jpg or pdf and submit your pattern along with information on the charity of your choice.

You can even address any licensing/syndicate agreements by indicating any applicable fees due copyright holders (such as any licensing fees due a syndicate). The percentage due the copyright holder will be remitted directly to the copyright holder at the same time payments are made to charities (a few weeks after Halloween).

CARVTOBER was created because of the frustration of finding licensed pumpkin carving patterns exist for only a few elite cartoon and comics characters. CARVTOBER allows any artist to make their characters available in pumpkin carving format.

Not only will your efforts result in direct financial support but will change the jack-o-lantern landscape with the proliferation of beloved characters and images that will raise awareness of important causes.

Need more information? Visit them online, on Facebook, or on Twitter.