Berkeley Breathed to resume Bloom County on Facebook

One of the questions I’ve been trying to get answered today is when and where was Berkeley Breathed going to be publishing Bloom County? The New York Times tracked down Berkeley and found out.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Breathed provided a fuller explanation of his decision to revive ?Bloom County? in response to questions sent by email on Monday.

?Deadlines and dead-tree media took the fun out of a daily craft that was only meant to be fun,? Mr. Breathed said. ?I had planned to return to Bloom County in 2001, but the sullied air sucked the oxygen from my kind of whimsy. Bush and Cheney?s fake war dropped it for a decade like a bullet to the head. But silliness suddenly seems safe now. Trump?s merely a sparkling symptom of a renewed national ridiculousness. We?re back baby.?

Mr. Breathed said he planned to continue publishing new ?Bloom County? strips online rather than in print newspapers.

He goes on to say he’ll continue to post them on Facebook.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the first one.

4 thoughts on “Berkeley Breathed to resume Bloom County on Facebook

  1. I kinda figured that’s where he’d go with these. The great Berkely is embracing the digital domain. Take that non believers of the online comic publishing.

  2. Interesting that it will be online only, but the first strip is in old school print black and white, instead of color.

    Haven’t all Editorial Cartoonists, at least, already embraced online publishing?

    Two years ago I left The Plain Dealer to join its digital first sister company, Northeast Ohio Media Group and its website While my work continues to appear everyday in the Plain Dealer, I now work for a digital media company. My focus is digital first and what it allows you to do that print doesn’t.

    Whether political cartoonists are employed by a print media company, syndicate or not, It seems editorial cartoonists have already embraced digital fully with all their work appearing online in full color.

  3. As much as I enjoy Mr Breathed’s work – I did not miss his irrational dislike of anything not left wing liberal.

    I’ll pass.

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