Podcast: Episode 215 ? Howie Noel?s ?Tara Normal? and Movie Roundtable

Tom Racine’s latest Tall Tale Radio podcast episode is now available. Head over to Tall Tale Radio and give it a listen. In this episode:

Episode 215 – Howie Noel’s “Tara Normal” and Movie Roundtable

Howie Noel of the great comic “Tara Normal” is here to talk with Lucas Turnbloom and me about his ongoing Kickstarter to fund the second book in the series, “Tara Normal: Season of Evil!”  He’s working with several amazing artists on a group of anthology stories, and his campaign is full of great perks.  ”Tara” is a personal favorite, and it’s interesting to hear how Howie interacts with his fans and has been creating his own “Tara-verse!”

After that, it’s Movie Roundtable time!  Justin Thompson of “Mythtickle,Lucas Turnbloom of “Imagine This,” and special guest Rebecca Cohen of “Gynostar” join me to take on 3 subjects:

– Do we see TOO much stuff before movies even come out, and does it affect our enjoyment of them?

– Should there be a new series of “Indiana Jones” movies, and what form would we want to see them take?

– And we discuss and review the recently released “Avengers: Age of Ultron” in a spoileriffic discussion.  This takes place about 47 minutes into the podcast and we give you plenty of warning, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re safe to listen to everything else!