Mad Men props include several 1969 Ernie Bushmiller Nancy strips

The Simpsons writer, The Doozies creator and unquestionable Ernie Bushmiller fan (evidence here and here) Tom Gammill spied a comic strip props from this season’s Mad Men that included several Nancy strip by Ernie.

Tom writes me:

Fans of Mad Men may have noticed this season that copywriter Peggy Olson has Sunday comic strips taped to her office door – they are Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy! I contacted the Mad Men set decorator, Claudette Didul, and she confirmed they were Nancy’s from 1969 (this season takes place in 1970). Here’s a close-up of one that is on her door, and the dates of the other ones they cleared with the estate.

Here’s one of the strips:


Mad Men is in its seventh season and can be seen on AMC.