Check out Rina Piccolo’s Centuries Old Doodles

Tina’s Groove creator Rina Piccolo has a fascinating find:

Picture this. A monk. A monk in a high tower. In the monk?s hand is a writing instrument that today would be found behind glass in a museum. What?s this lonesome scribe writing? There?s parchment on the unevenly carved desk in front of him, and on it we may imagine him writing about the heavenly bodies, the saints, or the creator of the universe itself. There?s gold paint there, too, in an ink pot. He may be drawing a crown of gold leaf for a cherub to mark the beginning of a verse.

He may be doing any or all of these things, or he may be doing this:

What a great find. Head over to Rina’s blog for more.

2 thoughts on “Check out Rina Piccolo’s Centuries Old Doodles

  1. Darn! for a second or two, I thought you were putting us on! It would’ve been a brilliant piece, like “Rina being Rina”! As it was, it was still fascinating info!

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