Pixar releases free Renderman for non-commercial use

Do you have that itch to create a 3D animation of one of your creations, but don’t want to drop $500 on Pixar’s Renderman? This week Pixar released a free version of Renderman for non-commercial use.

From their website:

RenderMan is now free for all non-commercial purposes, including evaluations, education, research, and personal projects. The non-commercial version of RenderMan is fully functional without watermark or limitation. For further details please refer to Pixar’s Non-Commercial RenderMan FAQ.

The new website also has several hours of tutorials to get you started.

3 thoughts on “Pixar releases free Renderman for non-commercial use

  1. Goodness, I love Pixar for this.

    (Okay, I love them for many, many reasons, but this is seriously cool.)

  2. Unfortunately, you also need Autodesk’s Maya to be able to use this, and that is NOT free.

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