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Jason Chatfield going toe to toe with Parisian caricaturists

Speaking of Jason Chatfield and caricatures, he has another great story about how he ended up in the seat of a Parisian caricaturist for a caricature and ended up switching the tables. Or, um, seats.

I felt kind of guilty about the whole photo debacle, so wanted to make amends. I walked over and said ?How about you draw me??

He raised an eyebrow at me, as if I?d asked something silly of him- almost as if I?d asked Mozart to just ?play me a tune.?

I made a very conscious decision before I?d sat down, not to mention that I?m a cartoonist if I get my caricature drawn.

Not only am I way below par to these guys, but it felt presumptuous to just stroll into these guys? territory and say that I do what they do.  These guys have been doing it way longer, and its pointless to bring it up anyway. What are they going to do ? give me a job? Get me to fill in on their break?

Unfortuntely, Jason must be having network issues and we can’t see any of the photos he took of the exchange. 

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#1 Jason Chatfield
@ 1:56 pm

Network issues sorted! Thanks for the heads up :)


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