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Speakers announced for 2015 Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

The line-up of speakers for this year’s The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning has been announced. Headlining the festival this year will be gag cartoonist Mark Anderson, Stone Soup creator, Jan Eliot, Bongo Comics creative Directory Bill Morrison, advertising illustrator and MAD Magazine contributor Ed Steckley and Lio and Heart of the CityMark Tatulli.

This year’s festival will be September 17-19.

I’ve met most of the speakers and even heard a couple of them speak. Great line-up.

Community Comments

#1 Stacy Curtis
@ 1:32 pm

Can’t wait! It’s a great festival.

#2 Brian Ponshock
@ 6:00 am

What a great line-up! I always have a good time at the festival.

#3 Mark Tatulli
@ 8:38 am

Wait, we have to speak?

#4 Anne Morse Hambrock
@ 1:21 pm


Since Lio is a silent strip you can give your presentation in mime….

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