Archie series to end with issue 666

Archie is getting a reboot. The last issue (#666) will be released in June featuring work from Tom DeFalco, Pat & Tim Kennedy, Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz. Bleeding Cool reports the new series will be by Fiona Staples and Mark Waid.

8 thoughts on “Archie series to end with issue 666

  1. This site used to be very active with a healthy (sometimes heated) exchange of ideas and opinions. What happened? The comments, for me at least, are just as interesting as Alan’s news posts. Come back, come back (voice of Rose from Titanic as the lifeboat starts to leave.)

  2. @Joel. It usually takes a controversial post or comment to get the ball rolling. I’ll give it a try.

    Question, who is the Antichrist?

  3. All I know is that when Ted Rall and that other guy, what’s his name? The one who likes to brag incessantly about making a killer living on the web. Anyway, when they were around, there was a lot of activity and shoes were flying (a la George Bush).

    The topic of Alan’s post doesn’t always in itself prompt a lively discussion, Justin. Sometimes conversations develop in situ depending on who’s here.

  4. Do all comments require moderation before they’re published. I’ve had a comment hanging in limbo for over 24 hours that says, Your comment is awaiting moderation. What’s the deal?

  5. I’m fresh out of controversy, but I do have 2 mundane observations:

    Midge has TWO arms.

    And what is the Little Mermaid Ariel doing in an Archie comic?

    @Mark Stacy – LOL!

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