Al Jazeera highlights 9 cartoonists facing government threats

Al Jazeera America has posted a profile of political cartoonists around the world that are facing threats by their government for their cartoons. The list includes: Ali Dilem (Algeria), Xavier Bonilla (Ecuador), Denis Leroy (France), Kanika Mishra (India), Ali Ferzat (Syria), Zunar (Malaysia), Manel Fontdevila (Spain), Prageeth (Sri Lanka), and Tony Namate (Zimbabwe).

The list is short. Off the top of my head, I’d add Zapiro in South Africa who has been sued by South African President Jacob Zuma at least a couple of times (here and here). Just today, I’ve posted stories about Mohammed Sabaaneh (Palestine) and Mana Neyestani (Iranian now in Paris). If you expand the list to include cartoonists in danger due to threats by Muslims, add several of the now infamous Danish Mohammed cartoonists, Lars Vilks who was the target of last weeks shooting in Denmark and American cartoonist Molly Norris who went into hiding in 2010 after a bounty was placed on her head for suggesting a “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day.”

I’m sure the list could grow even longer.