Palestinian cartoonists suspended, investigated after favorable depiction of the Prophet Muhammed

It’s almost as if this story was written for The Onion.

From the Independent:

But such are the popular and religious sensibilities around Islam?s founder that Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Sabaaneh?s depiction of a robed man, spreading seeds of love drawn from a heart-shaped purse over the globe, caused an uproar.

He labelled his cartoon ? published by al-Hayat al-Jadida, the official daily newspaper of the Palestinian Authority ? ?Prophet Mohamed? and, as this appeared to break a taboo on artistic depictions of the founder of Islam, there was an angry backlash.

Mr Sabaaneh was suspended from his job at the paper, where he has worked since 2002, and is under investigation by a team appointed by the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.

The Independent reports, Sbaaneh has been able to return to his job, but the investigation by the Palestinian president continues.

As far as the cartoon, I can’t find it anywhere. Getty Images has a photo of in the newspaper if you’re curious what this offensive cartoon looks like.