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Charlie Hebdo hits stands, sells out. If you can’t find a copy, I have a downloadable PDF version

The first edition of Charlie Hebdo hit the stands today. The print run was 3 million and I’m already seeing reports that even that was not enough. If you want a physical copy, and don’t live in France, London, New York or Quebec, lower your expectations. There are groups on Reddit that are trying to help distribute the magazine. Copies are already showing up on EBay for over $400 (and some cheaper).

It probably won’t help you secure a copy of today’s edition, but you can subscribe to Charlie Hebdo via Amazon.

As much as I’d love a copy, I’m resigned that I won’t get one, so the next best is a downloadable PDF.

Community Comments

#1 Howard Cruse
@ 1:04 pm

I’m glad to have this. The cartoons look interesting. Now if you happen to discover how to download and English-language PDF, I’ll be able to sate my curiosity about the text.

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