Larry Pickering offered police protection after posting cartoon on website

Australian political cartoonist Larry Pickering was visited by police after he posted a cartoon on his website in response to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Fortunately, they weren’t there to harass or censor. They wanted to offer protection.

Pickering said he draw the image in response to what happened in France as a sign that he “refused to be cowed” by what happened.

He said the first he knew of police interest in his website was when they knocked on his gate in the pouring rain on Sunday night.

“I was a little bit surprised because I sat back and thought, now why would they do that, and then I thought … they must have had some sort of information that I don’t know about,” Pickering said.

I find it a bit odd that the police were monitoring his cartoons – or maybe someone else was and tipped the police off that they might want to check out his cartoon. Looking through his gallery, the one I believe is in question is below. Based on what we know about what offends Muslims – this one has LOTS of those elements.