Happy 25th birthday to Baby Blues

Wednesday marked the 25th year of syndication for the comic strip Baby Blues. The strip, launched by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, centers around the characters Wanda and Darryl MacPherson and their three kids. The strip is a funny, insightful look at parenthood. The strip and its creators have won several awards. In 1995 it was honored with The National Cartoonists Society’s Best Comic Strip of the Year. Both Rick and Jerry Scott have been named NCS’s Cartoonist of the Year, 2012 and 2001 respectively.

From the press release:

Since it first appeared on the newspaper comics pages in 1990, Baby Blues has enchanted new parents, grandparents, and kids alike with its honest humor and spot-on depictions of child-rearing chaos. Young mothers and fathers can readily identify with Wanda and Darryl, a lovable and devoted 30-something couple, as they pilot the perplexities of parenting precocious Zoe, ruckus-raising adventurer Hammie and just-beginning-to-talk toddler Wren. It?s no wonder the list of outlets carrying the feature has grown almost as fast as the MacPhersons? grocery bill!

In 1995, the National Cartoonists Society recognized Baby Blues as ?Best Comic Strip of the Year.?

Coinciding with the anniversary date, the two cartoonists have launched a redesign for their website where they’ve posted the very first Baby Blues strip (seen below).

Congratulations to Rick and Jerry!

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  1. Was just browsing through Cartoonist Profiles #85 and reading about this great new strip “Baby Blues”. Thanks for all the laughs and congrats on your 25th!

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