Jack Davis not retiring after all?

Last week Wired reported the the legendary cartoonist Jack Davis was retiring. Bleeding Cool now reports that people close to Davis say that isn’t so.

From Bleeding Cool:

Only problem is, according to sources close to Davis, it’s not true. He’s not retiring at all. He was called up and gave some quotes but apparently, while aware of being more limited these days, he is not retiring at all.

I talked to the original piece’s author who tells me he spoke to Davis on two occasions, and that David made it clear he was hanging it up and was equally clear on his future plans.

So, is Jack putting away the pen and ink? I guess we’ll just wait and see.

One thought on “Jack Davis not retiring after all?

  1. What cartoonist of the last fifty years, amateur or professional, has not been influenced by Jack Davis in venues like Mad Magazine. His distinctive style, loose and yet precise, his composition and color, all are outstanding! I hope he can continue to produce for decades to come, like Al Hirshfeld!

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