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Indonesian editor to be charged with blasphemy for running unfavorable ISIS cartoon

From the Cartoonists Rights Network International:

Stephff (Stephane Peray), the artist behind an ISIS-skewering cartoon published in the Jakarta Post that?s put the paper?s chief editor in the crosshairs of Indonesia?s blasphemy laws, has made his first statement concerning that controversy ? by means of a cartoon.

In his July 3rd cartoon for the Jakarta Post, Stephff depicted an ISIS operative hoisting an ISIS flag on which the flag?s design morphs into a skull and crossbones ? while an armed colleague holds hostages at gunpoint in the background.

The Post printed an apology for the cartoon a few days after publication when groups complained that the cartoon?s ISIS flag also bears the phrases ?There is no God but Allah? and ?Allah, Mohamed and Apostle.?

On December 12th, five months after the cartoon?s appearance and the paper?s mea culpa, police announced that Jakarta Post editor Meidyatama Suryodiningrat could still be charged under Indonesia?s much-criticized blasphemy laws.

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