Kickstarter to consider: The Folks Behind the Funnies

Here’s a Kickstarter to consider: The Folks Behind the Funnies.

Documentary includes interviews with:

  • Scott Adams, Dilbert
  • Chris Browne, Hagar the Horrible
  • Darby Conley, Get Fuzzy
  • Ron Ferdinand, Dennis the Menace
  • Cathy Guisewite, Cathy
  • Marcus Hamilton, Dennis the Menace
  • Bunny Hoest, The Lockhorns, Laugh Parade, Howard Huge
  • Lynn Johnston, For Better or for Worse
  • Bil Keane, The Family Circus
  • Jeff Keane, The Family Circus
  • Rick Kirkman, Baby Blues
  • Mell Lazarus, Momma, Miss Peach
  • Patrick McDonnell, Mutts
  • Steve McGarry, Badlands
  • John McMeel, Andrews McMeel Universal
  • Stephan Pastis, Pearls Before Swine
  • Dan Piraro, Bizarro
  • Hilary Price, Rhymes with Orange
  • Jerry Scott, Zits, Baby Blues
  • Rick Stromoski, Soup to Nutz
  • Brian Walker, Hi & Lois
  • Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey

3 thoughts on “Kickstarter to consider: The Folks Behind the Funnies

  1. Not for nothing, but isn’t this footage like 11 years old?
    It looks like the video that was being shot during the San Francisco Reubens in 2003. Are they still trying to finish this film so many years later? Some of the content has to be way out of date.

    And Dan Piraro doesn’t even remotely look like that anymore.

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